My very first (Group/Band).

The Movers? Hmmm-Yes indeed.

It was some time later that John Briggs (The Bass player) simply walked out of the group and left me with another problem, after exchanging my Velocette for a Ford Thames van for the group, I was left with quite a gap in my life which took quite a while to get over. "Whats the problem John?" I asked - (he didn't reply). The Ford van finished on the scrap heap.

Roy Cross (the vocalist) was also under pressure with his girl friend so the band split up. Ah well! I was so disillusioned. 

Quite some years later I met John Briggs in a local supermarket and he said "Maybe I should have stayed with the group" - I just smiled - it was far too late, I just walked away, it was his apology I suppose, (of which I accepted). 

People in those days protected what they had, instead of going to the future and engaging in a new life in the modern world. My life was enchanted by the T.V, and so many other sources that came into my life. (All is forgiven).


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