Audio Technics  4033a.              Sure SM 57

Studio Microphones


Hand made - Vocal Booth. (Double glazed window with secondary Monitor outside of the Booth).


        It's funny how technology has taken control and how I have got involved with this endless technical progression that is now really out of my control. We have to either accept this 'Evolution' or 'Abandon' it - I simply have had little choice. I was stranded in a world of commercial setbacks, so I unfortunately adapted to the demand of the forth-coming musical world and finished up being an innovator, using the technology and equipment that was available in 1999. I treasure my two solo C.D's, 'DELIVERING the GOODS' -and - 'ANOTHER STAR in LIMBO' and so proud to say that the total content of my music, is a 'Genuine' and 'Original' contribution to the music world. (See the Solo C.D.1  &  Solo C.D.2 on this Website - 'MENU' page).
The List of my - (Requested) - Studio gear is as follow - 
1.  Novation ReMOTE 61 LE- Keyboard - (Midi).
2.  Boss GX-700 Guitar rack, (used direct on to Cubase Audio Tracks).
3.  Korg TR-Rack, (used direct on to Cubase Audio Tracks).
4.  Korg TR-Rack - (Midi).
5.  Roland JV-1080 Rack - (Midi).
6.  Focusright - Saffire Pro 10 - (Midi).
7.  Carillon Professional Computer. (AC 1 Rack System).
8. Audio Technics, 4033a Studio Microphone.
9.  Spirit - Absolute 2's Studio Monitor Speakers.
10. Pioneer CD Recorder 509.
11. Rotel RA-921 - Monitor Amplifier.

12. Phonic Eight Channel Audio Mixer.
13. Cubase Studio Series 4.
14. Audio Technics Headphones, ATH-910 Pro. (x 2).
15. Alesis Quadraverb GT.
16. Alesis Midiverb III.
The two units below are the best ever for me, they are practically obsolete, but if programmed with fineness,  they retain the real characteristics of the sounds of  today and yesteryear. The Alesis Midiverb 3 or (III) enhances the vocals to infinity and in harmony, the Alesis Quadraverb GT is one of the best Guitar simulator in the world. (Mind you, having said that - It's a hard road to perfect the sound from a bedroom rehearsal, using headphones, to the real "LIVE' stage sound, when thrashing it out through a 'Ten thousand watt rigg' and that's no joke.

              Please note! (Photos c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley).  All the remaining Photos & Logos c/o Royalty and Copyright free & Flikr Photo Sharing).
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