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                 (Photo-c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley).                                                                                            (Photo c/o Jannine Wilkinson).



(Photo c/o Jannine Wilkinson).


  (Photo c/o Jannine Wilkinson).

My hand-built (Triton). 500cc Triumph engine/Norton Featherbread Frame.(Thanks to R & M Engineering) Great Harwood.

(It wouldn't - Stop! - and it wouldn't - Go! - ) the Japanese bikes were now on the scene.

(PHOTOS ABOVE) My Triton Restoration.
Top - From Left to Right.

1. -  The first bike I ever rode was a FRANCIS BARNETT, which had a Villiers 197 cc engine owned by a school friend of mine - Austin Lyons.
2. - The second bike, a JAMES CAPTAIN, with a Villiers 98 cc engine. I was fortunate to ride this machine on the Mullard works car park, permission of Brian Haworth (Jell - Jellybean), who was an apprentice Electrician.
3. - My very first bike! Wow! a BSA BANTAM 125 cc. It cost Four Pounds and Fifty Shillings, it was certainly a restoration project. I rode it for maybe
one year, 50 mph max, going downhill with a tailing wind!
4. - I bought my second machine from my brother Ray, a JAMES COMMODORE 250 cc with an AMC engine. It served it's purpose,
but it was a slow
machine. (Photos c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).

    Middle Photos -

1. - (Now we're talkin'). My VELOCETTE VIPER 350cc, it was everything that I had expected. (Photo c/o Ray Walmsley).
2. - After many years, I hand built a 'TRITON', the Frame was a NORTON Featherbed, which supported a TRIUMPH 500 cc Tiger Hundred engine. It wouldn't stop and it wouldn't go, these bikes were acceptable in the early days, but The Japanese 250 cc machine led me a dance.  (Photo c/o Janine Wilkinson).
3. - The finished TRITON. (Photo c/o Janine Wilkinson).
4. - At that point, I had to 'Come up to Time'. I bought a dream come true, YAMAHA RD 350cc Ypvs,  a wonderful machine that I crashed at - Keppel Gate at the Isle of Man. (No 33 milestone - my Great Harwood door number ?) 
                                                                                      *          *          *
       Bottom Middle Photos.
(Photo c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).

1. - Next in line, the 'FOUR WHEELED FLYER!' (My Rally Car!), capable of  25 MPM (Miles-per-Month), unfortunately my biking days were over. (Bugger).
2. - Crutches! courtesy of 'Blackburn Royal Infirmary'.
3. - My - Velocette Viper 350cc. (I was about 19 years old?).
4. - My - hand built 'Triton', a Norton Frame with a Triumph 500cc engine.
            (Photo c/o Janine Wilkindon).

(PHOTOS BELOW) @ The Isle of Man
Top - Left to right 
 1. - Wammy, Steve Hislop and Rob Mercer at the 'Pit Stop' Pub on Douglas Bay Promenade.  (Photo c/o Rob/John Mercer ?).
 2. - Bushy's Beer Tent, again on Douglas Bay Promenade. (Photo c/o Royalty & Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
 3. - Inside the Beer Tent, my son Simon and I are vaguely visible at the front. Simon has got his hand out - probably saying - 
       'Dad, it's your round, 'Doctor' Colin and 'Barrister' John, were too busy attacking the 'hottest chilly Burgers ever', during the T.T week.  
       (Photo c/o Pat Walmsley, taken through the Bushy's Internet Camera).
 4. - Bushy's Postcard. (Logos c/o Bushy's Brewery, I.O.M).
 5. - Rovers Return Pub, Dougas, IOM. (Photo c/o Bushy's Brewery IOM).
 6. - Horse-drawn Tram on Douglas prom I.O.M. (Photo c/o Royalty & Copyright free).
 7. -  Ad- Starring (Rail ale) -  (Photo c/o Royalty & Copyright free)
 8.-  Martin Brunnschweiler  - Through 'Thick & Thin' Martin has still established an opportunity for the music lovers and the biking fraternity during  the   fabulous T T. (Late May/ Early June) The Beer Tent on the sea front (Foto) caters for a spectrum of music to suit 'more or less' all nationalities    and the  'wacky' bar staff contribute to the fun of it all. The Brewer (Curly) deserves a mention, he must have a magic wand to get this lot together - he's a real star I consider them all as really good friends - thanks - you lot!!!   (Bushy's Brewery is a local brewery near Douglas in the Isle of Man, which was founded by brother and sister Martin and Nicky Brunnschwieler in 1986.In October 1984 The beer was launched at the 1st Isle of Man CAMRA beer  festival on 12 April 2012).   (Photo c/o - Martin Brunnschwieler).
9. - Speeds of over 200 M.P.H. on normal roads? (Bruce Anstey born 21 August 1969 in Wellington, New Zealand) He made his Isle of Man TT debut in 1999, but he completed a race lap at (Photo c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley).   the speed of 132.298 mph (212.913 km/h) set during the 2014 Superbike TT Race.) Thanks for the Photo Bruce. .(Photo c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley). 
10.- Martin Brunnschweiler and I at his pub (The Bay) in Port Ellan- (Photo c/0 Pat Walmsley).
11.-  George Formby - The Classic Film - No Limits  film(Photo c/o Royalty & Copyright free).
12-' The Shuttleworth Snap'  2013 Manx Grand Prix.   (Photo c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley).                                          

George (Shuttleworth) Formby on his 'Shuttleworth Snap' during the 1935 film -No Limit.
(Photo c/o Royalty & Copyright free).     
I managed to take a photo of the "Original Bike' as I wandered through the Paddock 2013 during the Manx Grand Prix. (Lucky Me!).
I'm Leanin' on a lamp post at the corner of the street - (and that bleedin' Wammy turned up!).   
(Photos c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley). 

                                                             Watch out for the 'Red Arrow'' - Cuidado con el ' Flecha Roja '

Isle of Man T.T. Circuit Map. 
Courtesy of - (tt map-l            
View point - '33' Keppel Gate, which led me to Nobles Hospital! (Ouch!).   

Isla de Man T. T. circuito de la correspondencia . Cortesía de - ( tt mapa - l ) . Punto de vista - ' 33' Keppel Gate , lo que me llevó al Hospital Nobles ! (¡Ay!).  (FLECHAS ROJAS-?)

Manx Grand Prix Paddock - 2013.   

 1. BSA Gold Stars DB 34's. ​
2. Guy Martin with a Manx Norton Replica.
​3. Guy Martin again - arriving too late for the scrutinisers. 2013.
​(Photos c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley). 

4. Guy Martin - some fine tuning maybe?
5. An Original Manx Norton - breath-taking!
6. A 'Walmsley' Manx Norton - photo taken in the paddock - not mine I'm afraid.
(Photos c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley). 

7. Velocette 350cc 'Viper' in mint condition.
8. Timing side View.
9. Now here's a classic! my Volvo 850, driven from Spain,(3980miles round trip),
here parked up in St Trinion's school yard,top of Bray Hill, Isle of Man.
​(Notice the Spanish registration).
(Photos c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley).

​Although Steve Hislop was my 'Hero' I cannot undermine the supremacy of Joey Dunlop. He was a dedicated rider and a great loss when he lost his life doing what he wanted to do. He escaped the 'Grooming' of the media and refused to conform.
                                                                          (Joey Dunlop, you will be forever in our thoughts).
    My Dream Bike - A 500.c.c. Norton Manx made in Birmingham - I was fortunate to tour the 'Norton' factory during my apprenticeship,
    it was a dream come true in 1962. I could have bought a manx engine for £264.00 ?

                                                                 Velocette 350 cc Thruxton - maybe another 'dream come true'.
​                                                                      Norman Wisdom.

Even though this is a bronze statue, I give him my utmost respect may he rest in peace.

In 2007, a Norman Wisdom-themed bar opened at the Sefton Hotel, Douglas, called Sir Norman's. It has stills from his many films on the walls and TV screens playing some of his old films. This bronze statue used to be on a bench outside Douglas Town Hall, but has been moved to the steps leading into the bar of the now Sir Norman's Restaurant. He passed away on the 4th October 2010 (aged 95) at Ballasalla, Isle of Man.

Norman Wisdom . Aunque se trata de una estatua de bronce , le doy mi máximo respeto que descanse en paz. En 2007 , un bar -Sabiduría temática Norman abrió en el Sefton Hotel, Douglas , llamado Sir Norman . Cuenta con fotogramas de sus muchas películas en las paredes y pantallas de televisión que juegan algunas de sus viejas películas . Esta estatua de bronce que solía ser en un banco fuera Douglas Ayuntamiento, pero se ha trasladado a las escaleras que conducen a la barra de Restaurant.He del ahora Sir Norman falleció el 4 de octubre de 2010 ( 95 años ) Ballasalla , Isle of Man .
(Photo c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley).
                                                      Below - Some of the Great Venues I rattled out some noise !  
The Ridgeway House, Douglas.-Across from the Town Hall on Ridgeway street.
     Bushy's Beer Tent - Douglas Prom.                 The Mitre - Kirk Michael.
The Creg Mallin, Peel - (Spooky Hotel).
      The Ellan Vannin - Ramsey Square.    The Royal George - Ramsey Square
  DENIA - SPAIN - the last stop on the Benidorm /Denia (tram - train line).
   Umberto Masetti World Campion 500cc !950 - 1956 Denia.  - Photos Dec 2013.
    (Photo c/o - Dave & Pat Wammy Walmsley).
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