Los Bravos & Los Zebra.
There was I, dancing at Blackburn Mecca Lancashire, (1961) at 17 years of age,  thinking "This is a great song" with my Burtons,
made to measure suit on, at (£1.00 per week). Hire purchase !
'Black is Black',  Wow!  this is new and then there was I, actually being part of the show!  What a 'crazy' business!
Blackburn Locano (Mecca).
 (Photos c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
 (Photo c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
 (Photo c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
 The 'Old' Mecca (Locarno) Blackburn Lancashire. (View from the Wheat Sheaf Hotel).
 (Photo c/o Permission of Lancashire Evening Telegraph).
The 'Wheat Sheaf Hotel' on St Peter's street, Blackburn. Now (The Stagedoor!).
We called in for a good pint of Thwaites Bitter Beer before going across the street into the 'Blackburn Mecca'.
(Quite some time ago!!!). 
                                                                                                               Continued -
​                                                            Hold Tight!   we're off to Can Pastilla - Palma de Mallorca  - Spain.
                                                                        (Photos c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
     Tony (Andy) Anderson (The brother of Jon Anderson from The 'YES' Band) after a short time, replaced 'Mike Kennedy', but after a while, things started to change. Tony (Andy) and Miguel Vicence (Los Bravos original Bass Player) both left the band in Madrid and went living in Can Pastilla,  a little town near Palma Mallorca - Wammy got a phone call whilst living on Hendon way in London.1971.
It went something like this -
"Hello who is this?" I asked"
"It's Tony,Tony Anderson, I'm Phoning from Spain" he replied, I nearly fell over.
"Los Bravos have split up, Miguel Vicence, the (original bass player from Bravos) and I have moved to Can Pastilla in Mallorca, would you fancy coming over" he asked,  I couldn't believe my ears! My wife Pat was in the kitchen as I shouted.
"Pat! do you want to live in Spain?"
"What are you talking about, are you going crazy, who are you talking to?" she asked, to which I replied.
"It's Tony phoning from Spain; they're in need of a guitarist and want me to join forces!". Los Bravos have split up in Madrid.                                                                   Los Bravos here we come!
     Just to add! (QUOTE) This song 'Black is Black' was recorded in London. At that time, it was not allowed for musicians from abroad to participate in these recordings, so -  actually -
 Mike Kennedy was the only real band member on this single.                The 'public are so - gullible. wow!
     There is an urban legend going on saying that one of the studio musicians in this record is no other than Jimmy Page. Apparently this legend has been proved true. C/o (SONGFACTS) This song was written by the British team of Michelle Grainger, Tony Hayes and Steve Wadey. (UNQUOTE).
                                                                 Well I Never! - the 'Fantasy of this 'Rock n' Roll' World !
(Photos c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).                                             
From the Original Los Bravos with Mick Kennnedy to >                  The Re-Formed Los Bravos with Andy (Tony) Anderson to >
 (Photo c/o Novola).
                                                                                                     The New Los Bravos!
Los Bravos with Tony 'ANDY' Anderson.(Ex Warriors-Accrington,Lancs,England).   New Line Up in Can Pastilla, Palma de Mallorca.  With Tony (Andy) on Vocals, (Miguel) on Bass and I - (Dave wammy Walmsley) on guitar, straight from Glastonbury 'Fayre' Festival 1971.
 Pablo Sanllehí. (The original Los Bravos drummer) by now was living back in Palma Mallorca, he had 'Managed' a night club (El Rodeo) on Plaza Gomilla and had great expectations! He had suggested that it was probably a 'bad idea' for us to'continue' with the 'Los Bravos' name, yet after another confusing time with the 'Los Bravos' adventure, there were too many inter political scenes going on so we 'eventually' decided to 'Scrap' the arranged 'Los Bravos' name and start a 'new formation' which led on to-
Z  66  +  Bravos  =  Z    Bra.
> Los     Zebra <
 (Above Photo).
Tony (ANDY)  Anderson - Ex vocalist of Los Bravos -  Tony (ANDY) eventually replaced (Mike Kennedy).
Miguel Vicence - Original Bass Player from Los Bravos.
Dave Wammy Walmsley - Guitar & Vocals. Straight from Glastonbury 1971 Fayre Festival. - Ex Accrington Stanley Band.
Following David Bowie's (Debut).1971.
Juan Bibiloni - Guitar & Vocals. He replaced the previous guitarist. -
Vicente Caldentey - Ex - Z66. (R.I.P).
​Manolo Marie - Drummer - Ex - Z66. (R.I.P).
                                  The house in Can Pastilla - (Palma de Mallorca) that we lived in. ( 7 Carrer del Norai )
 (Photo c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
                                     The garage at the bottom of the drive with the green door, was our rehearsal room.
 (Photo c/o Royalty and Copyright Free or Flikr Photo Sharing).
                                                Then there was a little rascal called Simon Walmsley on his way. (Shazam!).
 (Photo c/o Dave & Patricia Walmsley).
                                                                                                     Then there were 'THREE'.
  Continued.     (Photo c/o Novola).                            Dave Wammy Walmsley, Jon Anderson (YES band), Tony Anderson & Miguel Vicence. (Los Bravos) -                                                                             Jon helping out in a Barcelona recording studio.   
  (Photos c/o Dave wammy Walmsley).
  Miguel Vicence - in 'Amanecer'. Palma de Mallorca.                        Wammy & Miguel Vicence (Los Bravos) later on - at the Heartbreak.

  (Photo c/o Novola). 

                                                    Jon Anderson (From The 'YES' band)- Mixing down a Wammy track.
Left to right -  Carlos Toro engineer ? - Jon Anderson - Dave Wammy Walmsley - Miguel Vicence - Juan(Joan)Bibiloni-&-Manolo Mari.
       By now -Tony's wife Eileen Anderson, had an unforeseen accident and Tony (ANDY) Anderson left Spain and went with his 3  children to live on the 'Isle of Wight' with his Mother.   (After much thought), we re-vamped the band adding, Alberto Candella on bass. Together with Alberto, Juan and I, took the vocal slot.
                                                                                         (The song DEIA was born).
                                                                            Miguel Vicence, by now was the Manager.

                 Dave Wammy Walmsley at Barbarela Palma Mallorca                                                                   At the Malvaloca Can Pastilla.

Juan Bibiloni-Manolo Mari-Miguel Vicence-Paco Roady- Dave   Wammy Walmsley.           Manolo Mari-Miguel Vicence-Juan Bibiloni-Dave Wammy Walmsley.

  (Photos c/o Novola ).                            Zebra - (On the road again).                                                                            Receiving the 'Critic Prize' in 1971 for 'Solo Aqui Pensando'                                                                                                                                                                   'LIVE' at the 'Plaza de Toros' Benidorm. (Benidorm Bull Ring).
                                                                                                                                                                                       (written by Dave Wammy Walmsley!)
 The song - 'Solo Aqui Pensando' - (Sittin' Here and Thinking) c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley, was written in London in 1969 and adapted for the XV1 FESTIVAL ESPANOL DE LA CANCION. We were awarded the Critic prize, after playing 'Live' at the Plaza de Toros in Benidorm. It was Televised 'LIVE' throughout Spain.
 The - (Write up) was incredible - My name (Dave Walmsley) wasn't even mentioned in any of the components that evaluated this song because I was an English man!  (Not Spanish!) and the song was supposed to have been written by a (Spanish) person. (Wow). I was not mentioned in any reviews, even though it was Tony (Andy) Anderson and Miguel Vicence, (the two members of Los Bravos and myself) that re-formed the new band in Can Pastilla.
Manolo Mari - Drums - ex Z66 was included with Vicente Caldentey guitar, (who got replaced) with Juan Bibiloni, he was playing at Sergent Peppers club on Plaza Gomilla, (he was ideal at that time!)  and joined the band before Alberto Candela.
  (Below).  Hey!  (If my photo is on the 'Centre' of this ZEBRA disc, Solo Aqui Pensando! why was I not given any acclaim?)  Yippeeeee.                                                                                                             (Now that is something to think about folks eh!).

  (Photos c/o Novola). 
                                 (Picture Sleeves of Released - L.P. & Singles). 

1.  This is a Happy Song/All been a Dream  -  A&B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.
2.  Oh Daddy Oh Mama./Escribeme Laura  - A side c/o Ivor Raymonde, (Director/Producer of Decca Records including Black is Black).
     B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.     

3.  Carolina Girl /A Step in the Right Direction -A side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley. B side c/o Ivor Raymonde,
​     (Director/Producer of Decca Records including Black is Black).                                            
4.  Hey Girl/To Dream on - A side c/o Mc Intosh /B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.   
5.  Solo Aqui Pensando/La Vida es como La Vives - A side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.
www.youtube, Solo Aqui Pensando. B side c/o Mc Intosh?

6.  I've Made my Mind Up/Bye Bye Baby - Songs c/o Juan Bibiloni.
7.  Working 12 years c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley -
8.  Zebra ‎(LP, Album) Novola NLX 1053 Spain 1976.  Tracks -
I've Made My Mind Up. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Association. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
She's All Right. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
It's All Been A Dream. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
Bye Bye Baby. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Tristeza. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Life's Strange Direction. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
Imagine. c/o - John Lennon.
I recently recovered three more Zebra photos -

     We were asked to do some 'LIVE' recordings for (Radio Popular in Palma de Mallorca) which were broadcasted throughout the
whole of Spain.
Photo 1 - Dave Wammy Walmsley - Manolo Mari - (R.I.P.) - Alberto Candella & Juan Bibiloni.
Photo 2 - Dave Wammy Walmsley - Alberto Candella - Manolo Mari & Juan Bibiloni.
                                        *                    *                    *        
Photo 3 - An early morning photo of Barbarela (we played to a capacity audience every Sunday afternoon). Wonderful days.
                                                          A couple of 'Rum & Cokes' and we were 'airborn'.
                                                                 Behind the scenes at 'Radio Popular'. Palma deMallorca
                                                                                       'Radio Popular'. Palma de Mallorca.
                                               Barbarela - the 'Top Night Spot' for Rock Groups/Bands. in 1971.
      Barbarela - A more (Up to date) photo.

     Then what?
Z66 + Los BRAVOS  = Z   Bra
> Los Zebra <


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