Great Harwood, Lancashire. In the 1960/70/80's



B-13 Ribble Bus, running to Blackburn Lancashire.      Robinson's Coaches -Always  'On the Ready'.


B-13 Ribble Bus, running to Blackburn Lancashire.                                    Robinson's Coaches -Always  'On the Ready'.

B-13 Ribble Bus.     Guy-Bus, running to Burnley.
The last of the 'Milk Floats!' Heading down Queen street.
Great Harwood -Train Station.     Trains - Running to Preston & Blackpool from Great Harwood.
Black 5 pulling in at Great Harwood Station.  



(Above)  The last of the Merrie England that 'Paved the way' for many Groups/Bands.


 Dave Wammy Walmsley - at Accrington College - 'Making a drill'.


My son Simon and I -  On Meadow street. Great Harwood. (Photo c/o Pat Walmsley).



The Bar that changed the 'Night Life' in Great Harwood.   (Photo c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley).


The 'Mercer Hall' previously a weekend Dance Hall that gave us so much fun.  (Photo Vaughan Whittaker).


The 'Butts Mill' - Birtwistle & Fielding Cotton Mill - (My childhood hiding place)

     Butts Mill Lodge - where Jack Douglas and I took a swim. (10pm at night!)

Herbert, the night watchman never caught us.We were only perhaps 10 years old.

 The Commercial Hotel Great Harwood. My late night drinking place!

My wife Patricia & son Simon.  Len Hall is about (Somewhere!).                                        The Town Hall (Early days).                                   


Eddleston's Confectioners - sadly gone forever.                                                             Football Club's 'Extravaganza!' 



Some 'Likely Lads' including one of the town's Heros. - Billy Holden.


                      Saint Wulstan's                       Saint Hubert's                             Saint John's
                     I started - HERE                 Then went to -HERE.  You cant play 'Skiffle' here- your not a ----- Saint John-er.    Then they pulled it down! WOW!

Some 'Great' Escapades.


              Saint Wulstan's Junior School Photo.


        At School!                                                                                                                At Play!.  



                                         Learning the Game                                                                                                           Hastings - 20 yrs old.


           Holdens - Newsagents Shop St Hubert's road.                  Wammy at Hyndburn Bridge Hotel. "Where have all the 'Donkeys Gone'       r                                                                                                                                                  I replied "They've taken another Pub"

                                                  Pendle Hill - a photo by Vaughan Whitaker showing 'Bowley Hill' Great Harwood.



                                                     Asterisk shows Birtwistle street where my father's car is parked outside our house.

                                                                               Aerial View of Top side of Great Harwood


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