My Autobiography.
(Quote) - Delivering the Goods,(My Autobiograpy), reveal's  an emotional, but sincere account of  Wammy's life, tenderly excluding the possibilities of  some name dropping, but tells the genuine story of an emotional escapade during his childhood, his insecurity and his loneliness,  but which later led to quite some 'Glamour' of the media. 
The two Solo C.D.Albums, (All written & recorded solely by Wammy) - 'Delivering the Goods' and 'Another Star in Limbo' enhance a reality of so much of the Autobiography.  (Unquote) 
.Well I never - after all this time and confusion - having had to remove so many names and genuine stories -  How can anyone write a truthful book without so many calculated 'none has been's' that are  maybe waiting to protect their failures in life? My Book has No bad-intention  it is a positive story of the life that I have perused, reveling  a trip down a sometimes -  lonely - yet happy -  escapades in life's adventure - I'm so sorry that the Lancashire Radio cancelled my interview, I simply mentioned the Jim Bowen episode and it wasn't acceptable. I thought that the phrase 'Nig Nog' was quite a common expression? Have people nothing better to do? ----- Ah-well.
                                                                         *                    *                    *
During the year 20/11/12 nine months had passed by as I waited patiently for my 'Critique Ken' to fulfil the arrangement that we had previously made. I had almost hit 'rock bottom' so I decided to give up the idea of continuing with my 'almost finished' Autobiograph. The title of the book was to be called - Wammy in Wonderland - but that was to be superceded with a suggested name by the initial critique Ken, after some reserch I found that the name -'How Not to become a famous Rock Star' - was already being used in the 'Pipeline' and it was at that point I decided to give the whole thing a miss. I was simply and sadly going nowhere.
          Then from 'out of the blue' at an afternoon session at the Heartbreak bar in Benidorm, appeared this wonderful person called Jan Ryan. I had previously notice her scribbling away as she listened to my Show and having later explained the encounters of my former 'Critique' with no hesitation whatsoever she immediately offered to take over and start on the real thing.
     Within a month or so, with her continual help, she proudly presented me with a more or less completed book which was ready to finalise. I was back on track, I endlessly thank Jan Ryan for her dedication-patience and encouragement, she surely is a star and true to her word.                                                                             Jan Ryan's  Website - 
(From Page 12)The daylight was so bright when the rear doors of the van were eventually opened and as we were both carefully lifted out from the disarray of our worldly goods, I heard my Mother say -                                                                                                                                                               
(Quote).“A brand new house!” as she tried to avoid the soft clay that covered the whole of the front garden area.
Some time later, after we had settled in, my father had the challenge of building an asbestos garage at the rear of the house, which at that time was quite an accomplishment.  He was to spend most of his time there, away from our so-called family as he tinkered for hours with his pride and joy, a Ford Anglia car.  When my father was away from our house, I later found him to be a socially calculated sort of character and soon made friends with the local garage lads that used to congregate at the rear of our house in a really large garage owned by an animal feed salesman and his wife, Bob and Bertha Hoyle. Car bonnets were always open revealing their well-maintained engines and spanners were always to the ready. Laughter wasn’t uncommon, the lads and my father got along well, like a good old bunch of mates, but nobody knew the real - Mr Gerard Walmsley. - (Unquote).
Pam's Bookend shop situated in Great Harwood Lancashire  England. 2013 - Now 'dissolved'
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          Many people dream about 'making it' in the music busines, in fact, 'making it' in the music business is big business in itself. Dave Wammy Walmsley is a talented Singer/Songwriter who's done it. He's played at - the Glastonbury Festival in 1971, following Dave Bowie's (Debut) - the Cavern in Liverpool with Bad Finger (formerly The Ivy's)-  the Marquee in London -  the Roundhouse -  the Lyceum -  the Rendezvous -  he's released singles, albums and has won awards for his music. He still plays at the Isle of Man TT races in June, there are not many that can say that and it be true.          This is the story of one man's remarkable journey through the triumphs and pitfalls of the music industry. It could've just been a list of famous people he's met along the way, but it's not, It's an often hilarious, occasionally tragic, yet always brutally honest account of one man's ultimate triumphs over life's kicks in the teeth. Dave Wammy Walmsley really does 'Deliver the Goods'.  Unquote).                                                                                                                       
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