7 Year Itch Band.
 "Are you sure you want a serious bash at this Band adventure?" I asked   "Serious?" 
​the reply was - "Yes, 100%?"  

Some people seem loyal,but they are only loyal to their Needs of you,
Once this changes,The LOYALTY goes out of the window.
(c/o Wammy 1981)

​She was a day tripper one way ticket, yeah!
 It took me so long to find out, I found out.
​(c/o The Beatles).
I remembered a song by the 'Beatles'-
Lovely Rita-Meter made, nothing can come between us!

          Oh Yea!! I drove down that Cul-De Sac? - and formed the Group/Band - (7 Year Itch) and I've been ('Scratching') ever since. 
                                                                              The band Wamm, was later born and died.
(BELOW) - The remains of  the Band -  The Coach (Photo Below)' was sold to the Bronze Record Company in London and I was later informed by the London Police that all the windows had been smashed and then 'the juveniles' had set it on fire. Luckily we were paid in full, having previously arranged all the paperwork quite some days before the incident - Yea, such a traumatic ending and just like the coach! I was gutted. 

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(Quote) - Artist: 7 Year Itch  7 year itch
Release: Oo Ya Ha / I'm Gonna Make Ya, Single 1980
Genre: NWOBHM / Hard Rock
Country: UK. - (Unquote).
(Quote from the 'RAT CATCHER'S BAITBOX - Internet) - Now, here's another one shot band, this is the 1981 "I Wanna Make Ya!" 45 on Cargo Records from 7 Year Itch. Again, much more of a Hard Rock band than most of those labelled NWOBHM, the two songs are pretty commercial for the time. Perhaps with a bigger budget they could even have garnered some airplay. As it was, 7 Year Itch sank without trace never to be heard from again. Until now. It's very 1981 sounding, but there's nothing wrong with that.(Unquote).

Google it!  - I wanna make ya -  7 year itch YouTube.com 
Bitrate: 320kbps
►RGhost / Mediafire 

1. I Wanna Make Ya - (Dave 'Wammy' Walmsley)
2. Oo Ya Ha. (A Dave Wammy Walmsley Song) with - Cliff Stocker adding the Verses - Rita Rowe, Vocal Line - OoOo way O
   (Quote). Awesome 7" released on the Cargo Records label (CRS 007). The cover says "I'm Gonna Make Ya" but on  the    
   Vinyle the Title was "I Wanna Make Ya"  ("Yea "Leave it to me Wammy, I'll sort the songs out!") - - - - - - - No comment!

   Recorded at Cargo Studios 16-17 September 1980 with the following line-up: (Quote)  Cliff Stocker (RIP) - Vocals / Guitar.
​   Dave Wammy  Walmsley - Vocals / Guitar. Rita Rowe - Vocals / Drums. David (Ash) Pattison - Drums & Printing etc.
​   Steve Robinson - Bass and finally - Ricky Birch - Vocals / Keyboards. - (Unquote).

​The 7 Year itch transport at an early age! (provided by Dave wammy Walmsley). Paint spray c/o Dennis Smith.(RIP).
Pics below c/o Steve Robinson - 7 Year Itch/Wamm - Bass-Man/Cameraman.

Holland here we come-
Pic below c/o Huddersfield Examiner.

​            100%? I asked - We choreographed the band to a fine art and after putting all my 'eggs in one basket',
                                             I was amazed to find out that I was faced with a (prospector!) -
​                                                                    Yea 100% Dedicated?   Never again.

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